Friday, March 2, 2012

Dr. Seuss Week!!!

We had a blast celebrating Dr. Seuss this week!

We had special days that the whole school participates in...the more that celebrate, the better the celebration!  My kids were so excited to learn about the author and all of his silly characters and stories.  We did so much reading and writing this week and the kids really enjoyed it.  Mixed up Monday, Top Hat Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, Theodore Thursday, and Funny Food Friday were a blast.  
 Here are some of the Dr. Seuss activities we did this week...

 Below... We read Fox in Socks (in our socks of course).  Then, we took turns practicing our best speaking skills to tell the class all about our socks.  When we were finished talking and listening about our socks, we wrote about our socks.  The kids loved this activity (and so did my principal who came to observe me during this time!)!

Below... After reading The Cat in the Hat, we talked about whether or not they would tell their mom the truth about what happened while she was out.  Most of my kids said they would tell her the truth, but of course, a kiddos said they would make something up and not tell her the truth!

Below... After reading a TON of Dr. Seuss books, we had a discussion about which ones were our favorites and why.  Then the kiddos had to practice writing complete sentences to tell me which one was their personal favorite.

Below... And of course, we made the famous Top Hats after reading The Cat in the Hat.

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